A Range Of Women - Centric Services‚Äč

Fertility Festivities- Unlock Your Future Family:

Embark on a journey of fertility with Fertiliya’s diverse offerings, from fertility consults to preconception magic. Our experts curate personalized care plans, turning baby dreams into reality.

Let's Talk About S-E-X... Safely:

Our sexual health services groove to the beat of STD/STI screenings, treatments, and prevention. We’re like your secret keepers, ensuring love stays safe and steamy

Marvelous Minds at Your Service:

Mental health meets its match at Fertiliya, where counseling conjures away stress and mental blues. Our wizards of wellness design custom spells for your mind’s joyous dance

Wellness Wonderland

From food fairs to fitness fiestas, Fertiliya’s wellness services make health your ultimate treasure hunt. Our experts craft personalized maps to help you reach your wellness goals.

Pajamas On, Health On

Fertiliya’s telemedicine twists tradition – no more clinic chairs! Jump into video visits, pajama-clad, as our digital doctors ensure high quality care from couch to cloud

What is our Oyster ?Women Healthcare


Comprehensive Care for All Ages – From infancy to 50+, Fertiliya provides examination, treatment, and ongoing wellness for children and women

Who We Are ?

Expertise with Compassion – A community of passionate care providers with 10+ years of expertise, offering tailored treatment for women’s unique healthcare needs

Why Telehealth Service ?

Convenient Online Care – Overcome obstacles with HIPAA-compliant telehealth. Accessible same-day appointments for anxiety-free consultations and personalized treatment.